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Friday, August 4

from the cubicle?

hello everyone, long time no post. i have lots, i just can't find the time to be motivated to scan stuff at school and post them. but it's ok, i'm drawing, and i feel good about it. anywho, this is a mexican firebrething rattlesnake. his name is Plane. the reason why i chose to draw a snake for the "it came from the cubbicle " weekly challenge is because the rattlesnake is represented on the Mexico coat of arms. also the little branch held up by the snake is also illustrated on the coat of arms. that's about it, used marker and watercolor, which is love.

Thursday, May 25

Daks is the Artist of the month!!!

It looks like all the focus these past days is on Daks. I've got here a caricature of me that Daks was nice enough to do- personally I love this caricature. He did a great job of making me into a snake.
I just realised how I do not have a picture of myself on my profile, so I'll be posting Daks's drawing of me instead.
Thanks Daksie!

Tuesday, May 23

Finally updating; here's some life drawings. Most of them are Genevive and a few other models that I personally enjoy drawing. I am learning more about the human body every day. Extra Life drawing helps a lot, and good books about it are always welcome.
Experimenting on toned paper, and below some marker tests. I've just started using the markers more and I think there's so much more that you can achieve with them- experimentation is good, it gives you a sense of where you're at, where you wanna go with it, and what you need to improve.

I find it good for my drawing practice to exaggerate sometimes. When we have longer poses and straight on poses like this one, I like emphasizing some parts more than others. It's fun to see what you end up with.

Some more toned paper, some more colors. As you might have noticed I really like bright colors, but I think there is a time to use more sombre ones too- maybe later. Hahaha!!!

Hope this is something to look at, maybe enjoy, and even comment on. All critiques are welcome, good or bad- no critique is a bad critique anyway, that's the way I see it. Later animaters!!!

Saturday, April 8

Some of these drawings were made for class- Dr. J. & Mrs. H., some of them were just drawn randomly on the bus, Mindie & Gloria, some were beginers strudies in extra life draing, the feet, and others were just for pure fun. Enjoy! I'll be working on getting some more color, and actually out a finish on some of the art work. Now I have to get back to work... draw, draw, draw!!!

Wednesday, April 5

Now, let's see about updating this blog! some sketches, more to be scanned in hopefully soon!

Saturday, March 18

Everyone is someone!!!

so, there's some more drawings. As you might have noticed I love Tarzan- especially Baby Tarzan. It's good. It's goooooood!!!!

Wednesday, March 15

Some Stuffs

Finally put up some drawings. Hope you like them. I'll try and be consistent with the postings. Later all!!!

Monday, March 13

every new beginnig is just someother beginnig's end

Hello everyone!
Guess I'm a blogger now! I just hope I have the time to update and post new drawings. At the rate the strike is going it looks like I might just be able to do that.
Hope everyone enjoys my artwork- as soon as I actually get something on here.
Well, for now, just savour the extra time off, draw like crazy people, get better, love each other.
Later!!! :)